Rock and Roll Meditation

Ready to rock (and roll) with a new yoga release on IGTV! ⁣

And in even better news *insert 🥁 drumroll here.* these videos are now going to be available on YouTube, and embedded on the website (I started loading some older ones today and will get to the rest shortly) ⁣

Which means you can now do your yoga in your own #sustainablystylish way (as IGTV #yoga and #meditation isn’t for everyone). ⁣

Today’s release is inspired by the rocky nature of the natural setting and would be the perfect end to hump 🐪 day. ⁣

This is your formal invite to class… don’t make me practice solo I will get lonely without you! ⁣

Go on…give yourself permission for a stretchy time out to nurture #sustainableself and reduce #ecooverwhelm

You can enjoy the latest Sustainability in Style Breathe meditation release on IGTV.