Sara's #garmentgratitude Story

Sara’s #garmentgratitude story

Sara’s #garmentgratitude story as told to and by Katie (@SISMAR)

I was immediately drawn to the beautiful pendant that Sara was wearing. It just seemed to match her shirt and her spirit so well! She was at the Environment Day Festival with her friends and had been photographing the festivities. She told me while I was taking her photograph that she was really grateful for her pendant (she played with it as she spoke) because it was something she had loved, broken, and repaired herself.

‘It snapped in two’

she stated, and then proudly told me that she had glued it back together and it made her happy every time she wore it because she knew her fix-it job meant that it was still wearable. Her eco act for the day was attending the festival and being able to take photos of the stalls. She was planning to share the photos with the stall holders so they would have something to remember the day.

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