Got a New Years Resolution to Shop Consciously?

Fortunately for us Aussies the Good On You app makes checking a brand for its impact on people, the planet and animals super easy. The app (available for i-phone or Google Play) enables us as consumers to buy the kind of clothes we want to wear, made in the kind of world we want to live in. The app, a result of successful crowdfunding mid last year, lists more than three thousand clothing, footwear and accessory brands available in shopping complexes across the nation. No only does Good On You offer the opportunity to explore brands of interest, it can suggest similar brands that may be a better choice. Shopping consciously can be a little intimidating for some due to bugged constraints or a fear of sacrificing style for ethics. Fortunately the app allows you to match brands based on both budget and preferred style. As we inch closer to Fashion Revolution Day (the 24th of April) you can  get a head start on asking questions about your favourite brands with communication links available through the Good On You app.


Who Is Behind the App?

In January 2015 the small staff team at Good On You got together to think about how they could give the largest possible number of conscious consumers an amazing tool that would make it incredibly easy to shop more ethically. After some experimentation with online stores and brand ratings they decided the best path forward was to create an app. Amazingly they exceeded their modest crowdfunding aim of $15, 000 in just three weeks and were able to start their venture mid year with $20, 000 in pocket and a world of possibility ahead. When the product was launched in November it quickly gained over a thousand users. While this was good initial start it wasn’t the figures the team had hoped for. Triple J’s drive time talkback show, Hack, featured the Good On You app and all of a sudden the little app that could nearly broke the internet (my dear Hubby rang me when this program came on Hack and instead I get near a radio immediately)! The team had to buy more space to prevent the app from crashing. Fast forward to 2016 and Good On You is going from strength to strength. With more than 12,000 users the team are constantly working to improve the service adding new features and brands to improve your conscious shopping experience.


More than an App!

Sometimes we fail to look beyond the obvious and it can be easy to do this with an app like Good On You. If you scratch a little deeper you will find that Good On You is far more than a download. The team work tirelessly to convey information about the latest trends in conscious shopping via their social media feeds. They also have an incredible blog The Good Edit full of conscious living tips and places to learn more (excellent for those who are interested in the concept of the app but are located outside the Australia). They were even kind enough to include Sustainability in Style alongside some wonderful ethical folks in their ‘9 Ethical Instagrammers We Love‘ post. Thanks guys! If you happen to be browsing the Good On You site or social media say a big hello to Bethany Nobel who is a fellow member of the Ethical Writers Co and a super duper awesome person to boot.

If you resolve to shop better in 2016, Good on You might just be a great resource for your shopping ventures. Let us in on any feedback you might have about the app or similar resources you know and love (especially those of you who live outside Australia).

 Ps. If you have issues with the comments section not working email and let me know. I think I have rectified issues but would appreciate any feedback on comment failure-to-launch. A million apologies to those who have taken time to write comments only to have them eaten by the computer #megafrustrating xx


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