Sometimes the thought of shopping ethically sends shivers down my spine.

Navigating your way through crowded shopping centres is horrible enough, but a eco-shopper on an ‘ethical purchase mission’ is likely to deal with so many more hurdles than the average ‘can’t find a car park’ or ‘how can two people take up an entire isle of the supermarket and how can I get around them’ issues.

As a veteran of all things retail sales, I will admit that most companies tell the sales staff ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about the supply chain ethics of the product they are selling. Generally the faster the retail, the less transparent the company is with their employees.

One ‘fast fashion’ chain I worked for gave us no information at all about the origins of our product (I had a snoop around and couldn’t find ANY information online either). As far as I knew it was all made by magic elves and delivered to the shop (twenty boxes at a time) at least twice a week.

So rather than break down in tears in the food court in the foetal position when your ethical shopping attempt is met by the blank stares of the sales staff, head to Shop Ethical! an Australian website (and app) designed to assist you on your ethical shopping journey. The website is packed full of free info about ways to shop ethically for everything from underwear to office-supplies.

For a small fee (less than that coffee you will need to recover from your food court mental breakdown) you can buy the app, allowing you to shop ethical at the click of a button, which will save you from those awkward discussions with the poor sales assistants who have no answers for you. Or if you like a tactical version you can purchase a Shop Ethical guidebook (keep it in your car, bus satchel, or bike basket).

So save yourself the hassle and let Shop Ethical point you in the right direction (kinda like a GPS for ethical shopping really).

Happy ‘stress free’ shopping!


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