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We all want to live our best lives and most of us would like to do so without costing the Earth. Sustainability in Style provides a unique blend of yogic philosophy, mindfulness and science to help you navigate living in sustainable style. Content and events fit into eight categories: grow, stretch, breathe, style, make, play, read, and share, to help you find the right fit for your current needs on the path to being your most Sustainable Self. 


Style isn’t about being trendy or conforming to social norms, it’s all about expressing your insides on the outside. This section is committed to celebrating the youiness of you through the medium of personal style.

The way that you use clothing and accessories to paint a picture for the everyday viewer can really change the way that the World responds to you.

Use the content in this section to help guide your artistic expression of self in a Sustainably minded way.



Here you will find a collection of posts and recommended reads to inspire your personal style in #sustainablestyle. 

If you want to delve a little deeper check out Mindful Living HQ Online for resources and courses to work through in your own time to come along to one of our face-to-face or online workshop events. 

Symbols for Sustainability: The Shell

Symbols for Sustainability: The Shell

Each of our Take Action themes has its own natural symbol. For our Sustainable Style theme, we’ve drawn our inspiration from the ocean. When we wonder the beach we often come across seashells, perhaps without much thought as to where the originated.

Eco Style Round Up

Eco Style Round Up

CONSIDERED LIVINGHi There! If you’ve found your way to this page of resources for the first time, I just wanted to say a big (warm and summery) welcome. Each January here at Sustainability in Style we explore the reoccurring series New Year, New ConsYOUmer. This theme...

The EcoScientist Podcast

The EcoScientist Podcast

The EcoScientist Podcast Last week the wonderful Amalya Valle of The EcoScientist Podcast and I, got together to talk about fast fashion vs ethical and sustainable fashion for episode 13 of the podcast . We discussed garment factory and sweatshop workers rights from...

Fabric Workshops

Fabric Workshops

Fabric Workshop Series  On September 14th I was delighted to have the opportunity to share my love for sustainability education and conscious consumption as part of the Sunshine Coast Councils Fabric: Slow Fashion | Artful Living 2019 program. The agenda included two...


There’s lots of ways to connect here at Sustainability in Style. If you are seeking a group support please join in the Mindful Living HQ members site or communicate on socials. Looking to work together? Use the contact form. Just so you know, Sustainability in Style has always been an educational platform free from advertising. As much as we love sustainable products we won’t be able to help advertise your brand. 

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