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This post was inspired by a refinery 29 story entitled 5 Things You can Always Buy Thrift & 10 Ways to Wear them

It’s been a while since I’ve talked style and thrifting what better place to start than a Sustainability in Style take on the refinery 29 post. As many of you may already know thrifting (or Op-Shopping here in Australia) is a really easy way to update your closet without having to buy new items that require virgin resources. There are certain items that you can find in most thrift stores that will add plenty of miles to your current closet and as you can see in the photos, you can mix and match the basics quite easily, especially when you have Miranda Kerr to point you in the right style direction.

The apologies 

I was hoping to bring you ’10 ways to wear them’ styled by me but the sun got to high in my yard for tripod photos and the Seb dog kept photo bombing. There is a lovely collection of snaps with his waggy bottom front and centre to the screen that I have refrained from using so I don’t embarrass him online #allclass #allass. My hubby/photographer wasn’t around to take my shots so you get cheesy/slightly out of focus selfies instead.

The List 

My top five easy-to-find thrift picks are:

  • the denim jacket,
  • skinny leg jean,
  • white shirt,
  • vintage sweater,
  • and the floral maxi dress.

Most good thrift stores will have at least one of these items. Thrifting with a shopping plan and a list is usually the best way to avoid thrifting mania. Thrifting mania is when you enter a thrift store and see potential in pretty much everything and end up buying a whole bunch of awesome stuff you don’t need. I’m guilty of this!!!! Even after a year off from shopping my achilles heel is finding awesome thrifted things that I don’t require. Thrifting mania isn’t really an expensive disease and usually donates your money to charity (depending on where you shop) but it does result in a bloated closet which can be time consuming and very frustrating. The ability to see potential in all things thrifted is something I still battle with. The best technique for me personally is to thrift with an agenda or not thrift at all as people really do give away some amazing items.

What to check before you buy

Always check your items to make sure the stitching is clean and tidy, that any bits that need repairs are something you can do or get done, and that the fabric is suitable for your end goal. You don’t really want to go home with a synthetic maxi dress if you plan to wear it on a tropical holiday or you will spend more time swimming in your own sweat than you will in the pool. Another tip is to try it on! Don’t be too put off if things don’t quite fit the way you wanted them too. You can easily add a belt, tie a knot or two, or if your sewing savvy, get out the machine and do a few alterations.

Please enjoy the frivolity of today’s thrift styling session complete with celebrity inspiration and share with us some of your absolute favourite thrifted finds especially if you think they are ones that others might easily be able to come across in their neighbourhood.

Image Sources (because I don’t spend much time stalking celebrities with my camera)

Miss Moss, Alexa Chung  Kate BosworthKate Bosworth and Dog wearing HusbandFestival Rosie, Summer of Jess, Gwen 

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