Pushing Boundaries

When I was in high school I was relentlessly teased for my skin condition (Rosacea) that caused me to go red when nervous or playing sports. Most of the time I just avoided sports day and things that made me nervous (which meant I was in the library reading art and science books… I was so cool). Unfortunately the one thing I couldn’t avoid entirely was public speaking. For some evil reason schools insisted that terrified youngsters stood before crowds of judgey-wudgy peers and give speeches.

In hindsight I know why this a part of the curriculum. But at the time it was torture. My fear would make me red in the face and the taunts from my classmates would make me redder! It was a running joke (which at the time I didn’t find funny) that I would one day be prime minister. That was the vocation they had concluded involved the most amount of public speaking.

Fast forward to now and while I’m not the prime minister (nor do I want to be), my career has involved a fair bit of blabbing in front of people. Introverted-little- me much prefers to blab from behind a keyboard (in a totally non-trolling-kind of way) but sadly the world keeps forcing me to stand up in front of people clothed rather than sit at my computer in my underpants.  Next week the boundaries will be pushed further as I don clothing and throw caution to the wind by participating in a sustainability panel discussion.


Terrified or excited?

The panel, hosted by Mous Magazine should be a really fun night and hopefully not terrifying in any way shape or form (if you do decide to come along and heckle me ‘tomato face’ was a favourite of my high school peers). Each month Mous magazine hosts their INFORM discussion panels  where industry professionals (man… that description makes ol’ tomato face here feel a bit fancy) will answer questions and provide insight into their field. The upcoming panel discussion will be taking on the ever-important issue of sustainability. From our multitude of disciplines, the panel seeks to start a holistic discussion surrounding sustainability. My fellow panelists are  Co- Founder of  The Tiny House Company Lara Nobel, Founder of Alice Nightingale and The Craft Coven Alice Veivers, and Director of Urban Informatics Research Lab and QUT Senior Lecturer Dr Jaz Choi,

The details are:
When: Wednesday 5th of April
Time: 7.15pm-8.30pm
Where: MetroArts Lumen Room
Cost: $10

And you can buy your ticket by clicking here! Or just haul me up in the car park afterwards for free-blabbing if you are as broke as I am (however I can’t speak on behalf of the other panelists so it will just be a me-centric blab).


In other boundary pushing news!

My broke-ness and bulldog like stubbornness to make my blog a serious academic study by mid-year has resulted in a decision to join the ‘give me money because I’m awesome’ bandwagon. I’ve started a Patreon pledge profile! Look, there is no real scale for measuring awesomeness, however, if you do think that sustainability education and lots of exciting fashion related thinky stuff is worth spending money on then head on over and check it out. I’ve got plans for making this space self-funded in a non ‘give me money’ way so I can go full steam ahead into PhD studies (because they shut down my masters research department) but it’s a little way off yet! In the mean time if you can chuck a few dollars my way to help pay my annual blogging bills it would be much appreciated. I normally absorb these costs myself but unfortunately Ged’s sporting injury has meant he can’t work for a bit and our cash is a little strapped (just like his dodgy wrist). So please, go ahead and throw money at me. I promise not to complain (even if it’s a sack of coins).

Do you think you might be able to attend on the night? Perhaps you relate to the horrors of my childhood. Maybe you just want to declare your awesomeness in public. Whatever the case fill the space below with your words.

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