The saying goes ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’

But quite frankly this is a load of crap… you can teach a dog of any age new tricks as long as you do it in the right way and with plenty of delicious treats. Adult learners may not be readily bribed with Smackos or dried pig ears, but they are definitely able to add new skills to their accumulated knowledge base of structured learning and life experiences.



This week is Australia’s National Adult Learners week.

A seemingly weird thing to celebrate on a sustainable style blog but there is a link. Some of you may be aware that I am currently studying my Master of Environment with a major in sustainability education. When I speak of this course of study with folks (which includes everyone from friends and family, to the girl who works at my local fruit shop…sorry… I’m hard to shut up) many assume that the sustainability education is something that will be applied at schools. In actual fact the target audience of my studies is educating adult learners for sustainability because the generation of kiddies out there in primary schools across Australia are already pretty well versed in the ways of eco friendly living.

With an ageing population and a ticking clock of environmental damage, it’s all the adult folks out there who really need to up their sustainability anti. Why? Because the environmental problems we are facing need immediate action otherwise the well versed upcoming generation may not be able to repair the damaged environmental legacy we leave them.  The problem is that many adults don’t even know where to start. Unlike kiddos, they weren’t brought up with a schooling system that integrated the ethics and principles of being ‘green’ into their persona. Many were taught the three ‘r’s of reading writing and arithmetic and sent out into the world with the goal of being a honest, hard working, and loyal employee, not a challenger of the status quo or a mover- shaker-and-awesome-change-maker. The traditional schooling system didn’t teach much creative thought, critical thinking skills, or futures thinking but it did value teaching women how to bake a mean cake, darn socks, and juggle multiple babies (all important life skills but not the path to gender equality). 

As far as I know… the majority of Sustainability in Style readers are *ahem* adults (won’t use the word mature because I’m technically an adult but not very mature) so this week I will be talking all things adult learning. Don’t fret your pretty eco heads… I promise there will be plenty of fashion integrated into these chats, but I hope to give you some opportunities to expand your thinking and ways to help you communicate your love for ethical/sustainable fashion  without sounding like you are trying to convert your friends and family to scientology (unless of course your are a member of the church of scientology and this is your goal).

So please stay tuned and get vocal with Sustainability in Style about all things learning and fashion related.

I hope that you get a giggle from the photos. I actually had the mat out to lean on while I potted up herbs in some recently thrifted pots but Seb decided he wanted to learn how to do some gardening and get involved. Quite liked the way that his expression changed in the photos from a level of shock/disinterest in the idea of learning something new, to a bit of plant nosing, then he decided to rest his head on my trowel like a seasoned professional. Worked well with the topic of todays post as many learners start off a little hesitant down their learning path before mastering their art!

We all love your input here and on social media.


Happy learning adventures my e-friends.




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