A right to be heard
Not censored of word
A voice that is true
Not a momentary view
A word that is said
It remains in our heads
Of value that’s true
In both me and you
It signals the start
From deep in our hearts
A sentence recalls
From the big to the small
It flows like a stream…
“I have a dream…”

-Zelda Quakawoot


February thirteenth is the anniversary of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s 2008 apology to Australia’s Indigenous population. While words will never repay the damages done, acknowledgement and awareness is a beginning.

In this ancient land of natural wonder I give thanks for the time that I have spent on it and know that we are all flecks of stardust whose fleeting existence while short, can have a deep impact. For my ancestors impact and for my own I am deeply sorry.

If you would like to get involved in the Apology Anniversary, the Healing Foundation is holding a concert at Melbourne’s Sidney Myer Music Bowl. Otherwise the National Sorry Day Committee have a list of suggestions as to how you can plan an event and/or commemorate the day. I recommend watching the SBS series First Contact to challenge some of the media fuelled perceptions that infiltrate ‘modern’ Australian culture.

There are still huge disparities in living standards between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. If you want to do something to make a change OXFAM Australia work on a number of projects that you can get involved with.

Poem written by Zelda Quakawoot, Aboriginal Culture: A Right to Be Heard:

Photos by me taken at Badgers Creek Australia home of the Wurundjeri people. 

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