Happy Earth Day everyone!!!

Each year on the 22nd of April the world bands together to commit individuals, communities, and nations to thinking globally and acting locally to commit ‘acts of green’. To date the Earth Day Network has more than one billion ‘acts of green’ and hope to reach a billion more.

What is an act of green I hear you ask.

An act of green can be as simple as committing to eating less meat or reducing your energy consumption or as big as saving the Asian Elephant or financially contributing to the planting of ten million trees. The best part about taking an Earth Day pledge is that all the hard work of trying to think of something to commit to is done by the Earth Day Network team and when you take a pledge, decide to donate, or commit to an action the website takes you exactly where you need to obtain the information to see your commitment into fruition.

What will you commit to this Earth Day?

I am pledging to reduce my energy consumption.

Share your Earth Day commitment with us below.


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