The heritage listed Great Barrier Reef located in North Queensland is the Worlds largest coral reef ecosystem . At 348 000 square kilometres of coral reef, coral cays and tropical islands, the Great Barrier Reef is a haven for marine biodiversity. At present this natural beauty is under threat from human induced climate change, causing coral bleaching, ocean acidification, and increased frequency and strength tropical storms. Not only are the reefs at risk of these ‘big picture’ climate issues, they are also under threat due to industrialization of the Queensland coastline for coal and gas ports is growing.

The video above (while not a thrilling watch aside from the pretty fish) shows the impact that dredging may have on the reef along with some of the economic reasoning as to why the previous state government was pushing for the port expansion idea. Since the change of government there have been some positive signs that there will be increased measures to protect the reef but reef protection needs a public backing to permanently change policy.

1 Million Women are urging you to don your googles and post a #gogglesforthereef selfie to raise awareness of their ‘1M Declaring the Reef In Danger’ campaign. Head to their website to add your name to the open letter they have composed to pass on to the three key international decision-makers who will influence the fate of the Reef.

Another great place to find out more about the issues affecting the Great Barrier Reef and what you can do to help is Fight for the Reef.

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