Peppermint Magazine is challenging the online world of social media to participate in a ten week kindness challenge. Last weeks prompt was to hold your head high and give a kind smile to everyone who crosses your path. There has been inspiring feedback online about the magic that can happen when you smile kindly at strangers. Personally this week  has seen a great deal of footpath conversations occur when strangers become acquaintances for brief moments in time. One of my favourite moments of the week was when I was at the local shopping centre with my Mr. A young boy in front of us was given a toy by his parents, he proceeded to pull the packaging off with haste and throw the wrapping on the ground right next to a rubbish bin. His parents said nothing. Ged picked up the child’s toy wrapper and put it in the bin which prompted smiles and a conversation with the people walking behind us. They said how nice it was to see someone care about littering and how there should be more kind people like him in the world. Of course I was beaming with pride that my lovely husband is so genuinely thoughtful, and this proud moment of environmentally minded conversation stuck with me all week. Is it lame to admit online that you love your significant other so much because they pick up other peoples litter? Anyways… on to week two of the challenge.

Week Two of the Challenge

Week Two of the Peppermint kindness challenges us to tell someone 3 things you like about them. Peppermint note that we are often quick to quick to criticise others (especially online), but how often do we tell friends and loved ones what we actually like about them? That we assume that others know what like about them without having to say it. Peppermint Mag urge us to make someone’s day by letting them know 3 things that you admire about them – it might be a friend, teacher, lover, child, workmate, family member, boss, the person who serves you coffee in the morning or someone you look up to but have never met.  They suggest we write a letter, send an email, put it on an anonymous post-it note, text it, declare it on Facebook, tell them face to face, or tag them on the @peppermintmagazine Instagram post

For my online challenge I have decided to share with you a list of a few (but unfortunately not all or I would be here for days) people who have really supported and inspired me on my Sustainability In Style blogging adventure. Here they are with a host of reasons why I love what they do because I am a rebellious rule breaker who couldn’t stick to just three things.


Beautiful Brands 

The following folk have created stand out moments for me throughout my blogging journey. The list isn’t exhaustive but the images below tell the story and provide links to some of the wonderful people who came to mind.


[FinalTilesGallery id=’1′]



Fab Blogs

Along with meeting a plethora of great brands blogging has allowed me to discover great bloggers. The following are inspiring individuals that I think you should check out!

[FinalTilesGallery id=’2′]



Thank YOU (yes YOU)

Most importantly I want to say a big thank you to each and every one of you out there who take the time to participate in and/or read this blog. Unfortunately there isn’t a lot of financial benefits (and by ‘not a lot’ I mean none) to ethical fashion blogging. It is your kind words of support and passion that bring me to my computer and social media on a daily basis. Without your support I would have given up on the idea many months ago.

Who do you appreciate?  Feel free to share your love for them here, especially if you believe that their mission in life would inspire those who are interested in sustainability and fashion.

Big hugs to each and every one of you. XOXOX

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