Week two of the Peppermint Magazine kindness challenge was so overwhelmingly positive that it brought tears of joy to many across social media platforms. The simple act of sharing what you love about others is something that we often take for granted. To be able to reach out via the written word to those I admire across the globe resulted in an influx of love right back! This totally unexpected result made my heart swell and I fought back tears of joy with every loving reply. Thank you Peppermint mag for giving me the kindness prompt that gave a whole week of special moments. Telling people three things I appreciate about them will have to become a conscious weekly habit from now on. Imagine if it became a social norm! I would love to tell the woman I see on the bus every week that I love the effort she puts into doing her makeup, that her outfits are impeccable, and that her daughter seems very happy to be in her company. Under current social circumstance gushing compliments at a complete stranger on the bus might just make me come off a little like a stalker. Here’s hoping we can work our way up to making it acceptable in any circumstance.

For week three of the challenge the team at Peppermint Magazine suggest we whip up a little extra lunch to give away to someone at work, a friend moving house, a mum with a new baby or anyone else who looks like they could use a helping hand. Two portions won’t take much longer to prepare than one, and you’ll get a happy buzz knowing you’ve made someone’s lunchtime a little bit tastier. Peppermint want you to let them know on social media how your kindness lunch experiment was appreciated.

This weeks challenge is one I will have to contemplate as a lunch recipient hasn’t sprung to mind yet (hubby doesn’t count as he gets dinner left overs for lunch). I will let you know how I go either during the week or by the time next weeks challenge prompt rolls around.

Do you have an idea of who you would like to make lunch for? Perhaps you do this regularly?

Let us know below.

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