Happy New Year!

Hopefully your 2018 is coming along nicely with plenty of luck, fun, and eco-inspiring moments. It’s taken little while to get back into the swing of blogging, but not because of holiday-lag. Behind the scenes here at Sustainability in Style it’s been systems a-go-go over the Christmas and New Years break building the Eco Style Insiders Members site.

Taking a break from this, let’s celebrate Jan 10th with ten simple things you can do this year to up your Sustainably Stylish eco credentials. These tips should be perfect for anyone wishing to redeem themselves after an indulgent holiday season, make up for broken NY resolutions, or those just wishing for an easily achieved short term goal.


Eco kudos for your laundry day

If you haven’t heard yet- microfibre plastic pollution is a big oceanic concern. Water samples collected by scientists found synthetic fibres on 18 separate beaches across the planet. While initial studies found a variety synthetic fibre types, Browne et al discovered that polyester (56%) and acrylic (23%) were the main offenders. Until our washing machines or waste water treatment systems get on top of this pollution source, this wash bag option will help you do your bit to keep your fashion choices free out of the ocean.


Rethink Your Cycle

It’s been said a million times before (well perhaps not that many but it seems like that many) but greening your period is an easy way to make a huge reduction in your waste output. I would personally recommend (or shout it from the rooftops) menstrual cups because they have revolutionised my life and pretty much allow you to forget you even have a period- flow dependant- outside of a morning and evening change. If silicone cups aren’t your thing you can opt for reusable pads, or period panties. Whatever the switch the planet and your purse will thank you for your reusable ways.



Ethical Consumer have launched a clothing report that highlights how small steps have been made to make fashion more ethical. However, little has been achieved in tackling the alarming issue of waste in the mass production of clothing. Our throwaway fast-fashion culture is causing around 350,000 tonnes of clothing to end up on landfill.

With this important issues at the forefront Ethical Consumer launched the #FightFastFashion campaign to oppose the annual January sales. They want people to fight the urge to spend more cash and instead to learn to love the clothes they are in. All you have to do to get involved is Tweet or Instagram a picture of yourself in your favourite pre-loved or long-loved clothing and tag it #fightfastfashion.


Check out your Eco Footprint.

Are you interested in finding out about your environmental impact? If you haven’t already checked it out before why not go and complete your own eco assessment with the Ecological Footprint calculator. This movement began in 1990 when Mathis Wackernagel and William Rees developed the concept, and from there it’s developed into a few versions of  the calculator this is the original one here, WWF also have a good one but it seems to be undergoing some work at the moment, theres also a simple way to calculate your estimate at this site.


Explore the Story of Stuff.

The Story of Stuff Project’s journey began with a 20-minute online movie about the way we make, use and throw away all the Stuff in our lives. Years after the release of this film (which inspired me so much as an undergrad in Sustainability class) the Story of Stuff is now a community of more than a million changemakers worldwide, working to build a more healthy and just planet. Head over to the Story of Stuff website to watch movies, participate in study programs and join in their campaigns.


Brush up on your Sustainable Fashion Knowledge.

Sustainable style your focus for 2018? Great! Follow these links and level up your sustainable fashion knowledge.


Commit to Kindness

If you haven’t noticed yet, the media has a penchant for sharing bad news and spreading fear. For most of us, our lives are fairly comfortable and uneventful. Scary and life altering events and changes are usually few and far between. Rather than buy into the idea that the World has evil lurking at ever corner, why not spread some love for 2018. You can do this by committing to an act of kindness every day. If you are looking for inspiration why not check out the Random Acts of Kindness website for ideas.


Start the Year with Gratitude and lift your Attitude

If you haven’t kept a gratitude diary or calendar before this might be your year to start. There are loads of companies out there that will sell you products specific to gratitude practice (and some are really beautiful) but all you really need is a notebook you want to look at every day, or a clean jar and some scrap paper. Every day for the year write down a thing (or multiple things) you are grateful for and then keep them safely stored in your notebook or add them to your jar. If you are having an off day where nothing makes you smile, you can open your jar (or a page of your book) and select a gratitude prompt to remind you of things that make you happy.


Understand the Power of Personal Style

If you have a passion for clothing, fashion and/or personal style you might have come across and nay-sayer or two. In my personal experience there are far more puzzled looks when you say ‘Sustainable Fashion’ (outside of tailored social media circles that show you peers with simmilar interests not the general public) than there are happy conversation participants. In some cases the puzzled looks turn to dismissive or judgmental conversations when people start to quiz your interest in something so ‘frivolous’ and ‘vain’. This can usually be disabled with some environmental or economic stats and studies, but what really goes missing in the fashion rhetoric is our personal emotional connection with clothing.

If you want to wrap your head around how our style what we wear (on top and underneath) is a huge part of who we are, check out StyleLikeU. They have been on a mission to show ‘What’s Underneath‘ of late but some of my favourite videos from them are the Second Skins series, Uniforms, Dispelling Beauty Myths, and the Roundtable discussions.


Participate in #GarmentGratitude

Garment Gratitude is Sustainability in Style’s own social media movement.  To be a part of this mindful and sustainability based social media action all you have to do is share a pic of yourself in an item you love and tell us why you love it. Then say thanks to people and/or the planet for making it and pledge one positive action you plan to take while wearing it (it could be as simple as picking up a piece of litter). Make sure you tag #garmentgratitude and @garmentgratitude to be featured here on Sustainability in Style and be part of a moment of positivity.

Note from Katie

Happy New Year Guys! 

Hey all! Thank you so much for finding your way to Sustainability in Style in 2018 to indulge in some eco reading. This format gives you an idea of the layout coming your way when Eco Style Insiders is launched. I’m so excited to be able to share this community experience with you soon. In the mean time it’s nose-to-the-grindstone because online classrooms with built in social media options don’t make themselves!

Big love from me and feel free to email me if you have any questions that aren’t for the comments section (please no advertising deals or collabs I can’t do them)

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