It was delightfully flattering to see Sustainability in Style featured as part of the Row + Rue ‘Instagram’s Most Stylish Conscious Fashionistas’ list. The list includes some incredible fashion bloggers and Instagramers and to see little ol’ me listed was a lovely surprise. I would mention some of the other’s on the list but recommend you head over to the Row + Rue post and have a peek for yourself. While your there be sure to check out the rest of the site for all the very best in eco-style, ethical and environmentally conscious celebrity news, eco-fashion stories hot off the press, and SO much more than you can poke an eco-friendly stick at! Don’t blame me if you suddenly find yourself glued to their site for so long that you forget to go to the gym and your cat misses it’s dinner time.

While we are talking all things style related I have decide to share my top five (gotta spread the love) style inspirations. Each of the ladies have a certain je ne sais quoi that I find completely bewitching and while there are not specifically eco-style related muses, it doesn’t mean you can’t take inspiration to work with what you have, thrift, or find ethically or sustainably produced labels to invoke their style.


Leslie Crow

Leslie first appeared on my radar via the ALWAYS inspiring website StyleLikeU who described her as “The wild horse tamer who sits on mountains for days at a time to gather herself has found that the isolation that comes with living a simplified, agrarian life has propelled her to create non-stop”. If you have a watch over her StyleLikeU video I guarantee that you will be nodding along to some-if-not all of her sentiments about life, our relationships with animals, and taking time to be on your own. While her creative work of Heyoka Leather won’t be appealing to anyone who doesn’t wear wear animal products, you could certainly see where she is coming from with creating beautiful pieces that are designed to be passed down from generation to generation. My love of Leslie’s style comes from the way she truly wears her bohemian sprit, both inside and out.



Natalie Suarez

Natalie, of Natalie off Duty fame is a model with a seriously killer street style. Unlike the army of leather jacket, white tee and jean clad off-duty models that you see on many-a-pintrest roll Natalie nails casual bohemian chic. Modelling since the tender age of 15 Natalie is very experimental with her style, and having watched it evolve over the years she isn’t one to shy away from extreme experimental styling efforts. Her style, though sometimes trend influenced, always seems to naturally come back around to her bohemian roots. While Natalie isn’t necessarily an ambassador for ethical or sustainable lifestyle and fashion purchases her outfits provide great inspiration for thrifty fashionistas who like to shop secondhand. Many of her beautiful looks can easily be constructed using your creativity and a short trip to the thrift store! Natalie… thank you for being such an inspiration for thrift lovers world-wide. Natalie SuarezPAMELA_LOVE

Pamela Love

My eyes first spied Pamela’s jewellery well before they spotted the lady behind it. Being obsessed with crabs for quite some time her beautiful crab claw ring (which is IMPOSSIBLE to find anywhere nowadays) leaped off a page at me and I just needed to know more. Like Leslie, Pamela has been loved by StyleLikeU, and I when she was featured I squeed with glee. Her dreamy boho/witchy blend seems to have softened and perhaps become a little more romantic over the years. Her outfits remain edgy (just like her jewels) but when broken down into their elements create a very easy to wear mix and match closet that is designed for comfort. Love the way she mixes motorcycle jackets and maxis for effortless chic. BTW…. if you have never seen her jewellery designs be sure to have a look. They are beautiful (but not necessarily the most eco-friendly options as they use virgin materials not recycled ones).

Photos from Backyard Bill


Katie Slawson

Vintage slinger for Midnight Special Vintage and all round super-babe, Katie has that mid-west biker bad-ass biker babe attitude firmly implanted in her psyche. Having come across her Instagram account @thehighwaywoman some time back her passion for vintage and mad collection of well loved band-tees has had me hooked ever since. Her collection of handpicked vintage goodies are well worth a look in at the Midnight Special Vintage and if your just after some style inspo on how to channel your inner biker-babe or a collection of very cute doggy pics check out her Instagram account.


Jessica Hetherington

Having only just come across the Hubby and Wife maternity jean and vintage venture, She & Wolf, in the last two weeks I can safely say I am head over heels in love with Jess and Thomas’s style. The two moved to NYC in order to pursue modelling careers but ended up with an apartment full of thrifted items from between shoot thrifting adventures. Noticing that designer jeans were abundant in the NYC area they found a tailor and started their upcycled maternity jean venture.  Their little family seems to have the most beautiful and picture perfect life and I can’t wait to see where their adventures take them. Jess would have to be awarded the ‘worlds most beautiful vintage styled mum’ in my eyes.

Hope that you have enjoyed this little sideline styling adventure. It can be very fun to google around and find some influence for your personal style especially if it gives you new ways to wear things you already have. It was difficult to stop at just five favourites as I have SO many of all ages, shapes and sizes. Perhaps that’s the perfect excuse to share again in the future? 😉

Who are your favourite people to style stalk?

Let us know below.

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