Having tackled the most functional parts of my closet (work wear, field work, and fitness) I attempted to analyse the ‘not-so-striaghtforward and functional parts’. This was a huge job that I started yesterday taking ‘breaks’ to clean my house and wash and fold laundry. Having already completed a full closet inventory spreadsheet in the last two weeks I decided to begin photographing each item. This may seem a little excessive but I know that spending a few hours doing this now will prevent me from wasting money and time in the future. My Wardrobe Workout challenge taught me that I am drawn to the same style over-and-over again. Without having an easy access visual record of all the items in my closet there is a good chance that future purchases may end up looking like existing items, both a waste of cash and resources.

This photographic record was something that I had attempted to do a few years back when I downloaded the My Fashion Assistant app but failed miserably as there was just too much clutter in the closet to even know where to start! With a more modest and well loved collection of garments the task of photographing each item only took a few hours. It will be a few hours of photo editing before everything is ready to be uploaded to the app, but before I know it I will have a ‘Cher from Clueless’ level of closet organisation.

Once this is complete I will be able to analyse what ratios of items I own (bottoms vs tops etc) save outfit ideas, assess my preferred proportion, and work out capsule collections. Essentially this app will assist me in completing and maintaining the INTO MIND Workbook I have invested quite a bit of time in, and help in working toward a simpler, more intentional life. I am hopeful that my wardrobe will be the most difficult organisational task I will face in the process of simplifying and decluttering my life and as it was the first hurdle, that all others will be relatively easy from here on out.

Back to the idea of closet organisation as a means of avoiding unnecessary purchases. I have spent a great deal of browsing time sussing out possible basics. There have been a few items that I know needed replacing, and their predecessors will be downgraded to ‘loungewear’ (A.K.A ‘stuff I wear around the house’) so those have been easy to look for, but with loads of tempting basics out there its hard to stay in line without a plan. Take for example the gorgeous Kowtow Low Crotch Pants I lovingly eyed off on my internet trawling. Harem style pants are an essential part of my ‘loungewear’ wardrobe so I was immediately drawn to them. Being a 190gsm mid weight cotton jersey they aren’t like anything else I have in my closet despite owning many pairs (one of my previous places of employment sold lots of harem pants) of low crotch pants including two black pairs, one in viscose another in a cotton weave. After photographing most of my closet I realised that looks can be deceiving and items can look completely different on camera from in person. With this in mind I donned my black woven cotton harem pants and replicated the Kowtow outfit on film. Aside from looking very pale (I dropped the vibrancy so the images would be a similar tone) the outfits are fairly similar.

For me, this little experiment proved the importance of having a photographic record of items in avoiding unnecessary purchases, and removing the emotional element from wardrobe assessment. These low crotch pants mean very little to me. If anything my emotions are a little hostile toward them. They were purchased by ‘requirement’ as part of a work uniform so I personally associate them with unjust practice (it is actually illegal to dictate to employees how to spend their money), lost wages, and cheap manufacturing. When photographed I can remove myself from my anger toward them and see them for what they really are, a pair of black pants that look really similar to the other black pants.


Photographing removes the desire to want to replace these ‘negatively charged’ items of clothing with more feel-good options like thrifted numbers or love filled fair trade and organic new things. Saving money and the planet!

What system do you have in place for keeping a record of purchases? I would love to hear about any trick or tips below.

On a side note I will be starting a new month long challenge tomorrow and this will be the last ‘After Party’ post. I will still be sharing my ‘Wardrobe Workout’ revelations with regular doses of discovery but my focus will be on the new challenge. Going to enjoy a wonderful (VERY HOT) Sunday with my man and will get back to you with something new in the morning! xx

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