Live By the Sun,

Love By the Moon!

As mentioned yesterday, this year the intent is to go with the flow. Fortunately there are tools to assist in synchronising with natural cycles and work with nature rather than against it. One tool is the Moontime Diary. From a scientific viewpoint there is no real solid evidence to support that the moon has any kind of effect over the way that we as human are feeling. However there is antidotal evidence across the course of history, and in modern society to suggest that we are in some ways affected by the cycles of the moon. According to those working in health industries there are more incidents with mental health during full moons, and many police forces enlist extra staff during full moon periods. Whether or not you believe in astrology (or werwolves) there is no harm in trying out something new.


Moontime Diary

This year I have opted to try out the Moontime Diary as a way of meeting my go with the flow intentions. Coming from both a yoga and science based background parts of me are conflicted as to whether or not the moon or astrology affect the way we operate. However, as modern science is a relatively new way of thinking and the premise of science is that everything can (and sometimes will) be proven wrong, there is no harm in experimenting with a tool like this. Especially considering that around 6000 years of human civilisation has provided traditional knowledge of humans working closely with the cycles of the moon and gardeners and fishermen alike are work with the cycles of the moon to this day. While the scientific method is very thorough it’s important to remember that many things are yet to be understood and some will never be understood. When we understand we can start to utilise the knowledge for our benefit as humans and members of Earth. Take for example modern medicine. One of the projects I have been involved with through my plant science work takes a rainforest fruit and extracts properties to make cancer treatment drugs, another looks at indigenous use of plant resin as a source of antibacterial drug. Many of our modern breakthroughs come from ancient knowledge and our natural environment. We will never understand everything and that is what makes life so exciting! So just because science says no, you don’t have to. Use your questioning brain and curious to experiment in what might be right for you.


Two weeks in.

It’s been a little more than two weeks since I started using this diary and it seems to be going well. Whether or not the effect is the result of the power of suggestion I can safely say I feel more ‘flowy’ (that’s a word right?) than usual. The result could easily be a placebo effect but placebo is not to be shunned and is a very important and relevant ‘cure’ for many ailments. The diary is littered with loads of great (and some very odd) suggestions that make life a little easier. While it might be complete nonsense that one day is better than another for cutting your hair, mowing your lawn, or doing wood work it’s kind of cool to have prompts to remind you that these activities are things you should get done. Some of my favourites so far have encouraged me to sit down and have a cup of detox tea, give myself a leg massage, do something creative, and back up my computer. Even if these seem like nonsense and you believe there really is no good or bad day for backing up your computer, who would complain about a suggestion for a cup of tea or a massage? My guess is no-one! Odd moments to date have been the day I craved a woodworking project only to notice that it was an idea day for working with wood (sadly the drill was on loan to a friend so I didn’t get to do my DIY, it will come soon). And the day suggested as best to finalise projects where I had an overwhelming urge to sit down and work for MANY hours on getting all my notes finalised and data entered for my final plant science project. A task I have been dreading and avoiding for months.

So does it work….who knows?

From my personal experience the art of timing seems to be working in my favour. However, whether or not this is due to the helpful reminders to do all the stuff I would likely forget about, or the fact that the moon has an influence on me, I can’t say. Either way I am enjoying the Moontime Diary and it doesn’t hurt that that the illustration by Lily Moses on the cover is beautiful to look at every day.

Have you ever worked with a moon calendar? Perhaps you swear by it? Do you think it’s all a load of new-age phooey? Share your points below.


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