Ethical sourcing made easy.

Sometimes the thought of trying to manufacture ethically can be a little overwhelming for designers. Fortunately there are some revolutionary businesses out there that are taking the hard work out of manufacturing in an ethical way. Panâh is a fashion production house based in Nairobi that aims to make the design process easy. The production house is situated in Jamhuri Park, an indiginous forest in the heart of Nairobi.   The Park is a beautiful lush green area within walking distance for Panâh’s employees and provides a unique healthy and enjoyable working environment. The production house provides consulting, sourcing, and manufacturing services for global and emerging African fashion brands.  Panâh produce luxury quality apparel and accessories through the provision of ethical employment opportunities to women and youth. The majority of whom are single mothers who strive to educate their children and support their families through income earned at Panâh. They also pay living wages to it’s employees, ensure a safe and comfy workplace, and offer free breakfast and lunch daily to their workers.


Sustainability minded.

Not content with just human ethics Panâh aims to reduce their impact on the environment. They choose to operate adhering to the principles of lean manufacturing to produce better quality garments and reduce waste.They have introduced Juki eco-friendly equipment in their manufacturing facility and installed rain water harvesting tanks for factory use. Panâh also collaborates with local women’s and youth groups on recycling textile and paper waste. The production house also partners with local establishments to further their community involvement. Working with the Kenyan Schools of Fashion and Design to offer internship programs for students. They also work with a social business  Heshima Kenya, that trains young refuge girls in basic tailoring and tie dye for economic empowerment, and source beadwork from the Sanata Women’s Group that provides training and employment for over 75 women.


Designed for luxury and style.

Panâh offer design and product development, sourcing, pattern drafting, pattern grading, sample making and production. Bringing together  the latest industrial machinery with the skilled hands of tailors, and uses traditional methods to make high quality apparel and accessories. Panâh work with FA254 to support Emerging African Designers in their journey to global fashion markets and provide consulting and technical support for the platform. Some labels that have worked with this production house include:

Hopefully global production houses follow Panâh’s lead because the easier it is for designers find manufactures like this the more likely they are to opt for ethical and sustainable design option.

Do you know of any other manufactures like this? Perhaps you have your own label and wish to share some of your production successes and failures? Sharing is caring.


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