Way back on day 279 of my wardrobe workout challenge I put my self control to the test and hit the op-shops of Caloundra with Michelle the wonderful designer from RetroButterfly. As many would predict, being a reformed thrift-a-holic on a ‘shopping ban’ it really isn’t the easiest task to thrift with no intention of buying because thrift stores are always full of delectable fashion discoveries.

One particular thrift store had an entire rack of Zara goodies, in the middle of which was this divine jacket (pictured above) dangling like the apple in the garden of Eden, tempting me to break my promise to myself. It begged me to try it on, and of course, fit perfectly. After a few minutes dancing around the fitting room wearing this beauty I came to my senses, said my goodbyes and put it back on the rack knowing we were never meant to be. Or so I thought.

Post  ban a sunny beach day last week saw me in the Caloundra vicinity for a little vitamin sea and a side serve of thrifting. Venturing into the same thrift store thoughts of the jacket flashed into my mind, but only in a reminiscent kind of way. It had been months since we had met and I assumed the jacket would have moved into some other lucky ladies closet. You can only imagine my surprise when the very jacket that had crossed my path in July was on the rack, waiting for me, at half the marked price! We had another rendezvous in the fitting room and it fit just as I had remembered only in a much hotter stickier kind of way (it was winter when we first met). It was impossible to contain my excitement about the purchase and I bored the poor shop assistant with my serendipitous thrifting story.


Now all I have to do it wait the warm and wet season out so I can give this beauty some air time. We have already waited months to be reunited I am sure a few more in the closet won’t hurt!

Good things come to those who wait (and sometimes they are half price).

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