A lifestyle guide for all of us who call Earth home.

Some of you might be aware that I am part of a wonderful supportive group of writers called the Ethical Writers Collation. Through this group I have connected with the eco-conscious soul, Kamea Chayne who runs an online the space ‘Kamea World‘: an eco sanctuary for modern citizens striving to enjoy the beauties in life while bettering the world around them. Kamea World is a concept inspired by our world, for our world and embodies a positive, passionate, and elegant lifestyle valuing the fresh mélange of beauty and design, health and wellness, and nature and sustainability. Pretty brilliant hey? To top it all off Kamea (pictured below) is a wonderful person who is kind, generous and open for discussion on all things eco-living. We have been chatting via email of late and Kamea is proudly launching her book-baby into the World as of today and I am very excited to tell you let you in on it.


Thrive the environmentally conscious way.

Kamea’s book Thrive, is an environmentally conscious lifestyle guide to better health and true wealth. Asking us to question what it really is that we desire in life. Will getting your dream job, buying your dream car, living in your dream home, and going on your dream vacation enable you to live happily ever after? Will eating balanced diets, exercising regularly, and getting enough sleep be sufficient for long-term health? According to Kamea’s research the answers to these questions is no.

Thrive allows us to recognise that happiness is not something you can conquer in the outside world. It is an ongoing, positive state of mind that must first be cultivated within ourselves. And that total wellness requires us to take care of not only ourselves, but also the planet that we all call home. Through the use of research-based evidence, easy-to-do exercises, and suggestions for how the reader can participate in creating sustainability in all areas of life, Thrive aims to show you how to build psychological riches, boost your holistic physical well-being, make informed and sustainable food choices, shop for nontoxic, eco-conscious daily consumer products, and travel in ways that will not only transform you, but even the communities that you touch upon.

If you think that this book might be one you would like to add to your collection stay tuned to this space for an opportunity to win a copy. A big congratulations to Kamea!  Book writing is a long process (one I am going though right now… stay tuned for The Closet Scientist) and the outcomes should be celebrated.

Buy a copy of Thrive right now by clicking this link!

Do you agree that money doesn’t necessarily buy happiness? Perhaps you think a car and vacation would make you pretty happy right now? Let us know your thoughts below.