With Christmas creeping up on us like a ninja it is hard not to get caught up in the stress of the season.

I had planned to sit down and write a very in-depth post today with statistics about waste and consumption during the holiday season. Instead my day was spent celebrating early Christmas with my Mr. and the pooch. We bought kayaks as our Christmas gifts so rather than sit in front of my computer I was paddling down the river exploring with Sebastian the dog on board while Ged tried to catch our dinner from his vessel.

This day of fun in the sun was defiantly a memorable one and got me contemplating how easy it is to be swept up in the busyness of life and forget to make time for the pleasurable stuff.

Paddling down the river with salt water on my skin and a welcome cool breeze on my face, any residual worries  melted away and a passage from a book I like to reflect on popped into my mind;

She asks me, “Why Zen?”

clear, blue sky

sunlight glancing off bare branches,

sound of leaves

the little black-headed chickadee whistles

my life so clear, so direct

gratitude for this mind moment

Coming home from my day of bliss I ignored (or perhaps accepted) how messy my house was, collected bare branches from my yard and quietly started constructing my Christmas tree with no pressure to have it finished. This was a lovely way to start my decorations and I am really looking forward to sharing the results with you when it is complete.

In the absence of any fisherman’s luck it is now time for me to go and indulge in a little cooking (palak paneer is on the menu tonight).

Hope that you find a little bit of Zen in your day.

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