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Let’s continue the theme of celebrating a love of thrift by web-stalking some of thrift styling’s leading ladies. Whether you already have a passion for thrifting or are perhaps a little thrift-curious here are ten wonderful op-shop fashionistas in no particular order who should whet your appetite for second hand style.




Fashion Hound

Faye Delanty is the official spokes woman for Salvation Army Australia’s SALVOS stores. She is equal parts pooch loving lady and queen of thrift! You may have seen her gracing our screens as the thrift styling go-to-gal on channel 9’s ‘Mornings’ and her passion for fashion, creativity and her commitment to reusing and reducing our fashion footprint is truly infectious! With a background in environmental kids TV Faye has always had a strong connection to mother earth, animals, and a drive to make a difference. Fashion Hound has allowed her to marry her two loves ‘story telling and planet saving style’. Faye’s Motto is ‘second hand never has to mean second best’.




Never Ever Pay Retail

Hannah Klose does the thrifting hard yards for her blog Never Ever Pay Retail. Well and truly bitten by the thrift bug, she notes that there is something about ‘rifling through items in search of treasure that gets her heart rate up’. With a wardrobe that is 99%  thrift Hannah is an advocate for second hand fashion as it; donates to charity, is a penny pinching way to create new looks, allows you to express personal style, reduces the demand for unethical clothing production, and diverts unwanted items from landfill.  Never Ever Pay Retail is a treasure trove of thrifty goodness, with styling tips, an online op-shop, and a guide to Aussie Op-Shops.






New Dress A Day 

New Dress A Day is the brainchild Marisa Lynch, who, after watching Julie and Julia (the very movie my dear friend gave me that prompted my Wardrobe Workout challenge) decided to spend an entire year without doing an ounce of traditional clothing shopping. In an attempt to get her creative juices flowing Marisa embarked on a seriously challenging mission to upcycle 365 dresses in 365 days for 365 dollars. As a woman who admits to being happiest while ‘scouring flea markets, vintage stores and garage sales for the perfect pieces’ to add to her wardrobe this mission took on a life of it’s own. Marisa’s blog is a great place to go for re-styling inspiration for vintage finds and she even has her own book on how to DIY up-cycle those no-quite-right op-shop buys. Well worth a look!



Tales From The Thrift 

Christina Jelski of Tales From The Thrift fame embodies New York City thrift style! A bargain hunter from birth, years of retail training from her mother in the Midwest saw Christina gain the skills required to seek out the best items at the right price. Her passion for second hand shopping blossomed in her teenage years and when she made the big move to the Big Apple and she utilised her thrifting skills to keep herself clothed for work on a tight ‘big city’ budget. With a closet that is at least 75% secondhand her passion for second hand has since extended beyond the obvious financial benefits and she now promotes it as ‘great alternative to the treadmill of disposable fast fashion, which is environmentally- and ethically-questionable at best’. The photography on Tales from The Thrift is impeccable and Christina has a knack for putting together ‘on-trend’ outfits that really has to be seen to be believed.



Thrift Me Pretty

Stasia from Thrift Me Pretty is pretty much the most joyous thrifter getting around. Every social media and blog post sees her positively oozing happy from every pore! As a personal stylist with ethics and heart Stasia works with people to help them get the right look without compromising the planet or garment workers rights. A self made woman, Stasia has shopped, experimented, studied and observed her way to personal style and is committed to sharing her knowledge as she believes that knowing your personal style can make you more confident, happier, and kinder.  Check her out if you want your thrift-spo with a side serving of honest to goodness happiness. 



Two Stylish Kays

Two Stylish Kays is the personal style blog of Keren Charles celebrating her love for thrifting and adventures as a personal shopper! Much like Stasia (above) Keren is driven by a love of helping people discover their confidence through personal style. Introduced to the art of thrift by her mother and with a stylish late aunt as inspiration, Keren puts together some incredible looks on a modest budget.  In fact her passion for thrift is so strong she founded the Thrifting Atlanta group that hosts mostly events and quarterly thrifting bus tours. Now that’s a commitment to thrift.




Fremantle Pickers

Fremantle Pickers is a small, family run business owned by Rob Marshall and Gabby Nuich and based in Fremantle, Western Australia. Gabby (pictured above) has been one of my near and dear Instragram buddies for some time now and her ability to flat lay a collection of antique goodies is second to none. Fremantle pickers is a great place to visit for inspiration for the home with brilliant styling ideas and an opportunity to buy goodies online. In hope to progress their little family business they are running a Pozible campaign that you can view and contribute to here.


Rebekah Dear

Rebekah Leigh Borges of Rebekah Dear does not strictly define herself as a thrifting blogger and chooses to share her love of fashion, thrifting, art and food in a very organic way. Based in Jacksonville Florida her blog encompasses a lifestyle filled with love, art, and effortless style. Her dreamy photography has me hooked and I couldn’t help but share this beautiful thrifty goddess with you.




Thriftanista in the City

For Troy from Thriftanista in the City, thrifting is her cardio. This Chicago based stay at home mum loves fashion but lives by a strict budget, with a preference for quality over quantity her blog is filled with affordable thrifted style inspo. She also likes to get crafty and has plenty of accessible DIY’s that you can try at home.



Confessions Of A Refashionista

Sheri Pavlović is a quirky, and laugh-out loud funny DIY extraordinaire who’s blog Confessions of a Refashionista is full of DIY tutorials for clothing, accessories, and homewares. With a strong focus on thrifting, Sheri is keen to share her love for eco and ethical fashion in her own unique and hilarious way. Sheri isn’t afraid to be 100% herself with us and it is a testament to her fun filled ways that I could’t find a ‘stereotypical blogger head-shot’ anywhere on her site. I highly recommend checking our her videos. They are so fun and will definitely make you smile (and possibly roll on the floor laughing).

Want to Share Your Favourite Bloggers?

There is nothing better than finding someone who loves what they do and shares their passion so eloquently!

Do you have a thrifter-sista (or fella) that you love to e-stalk for style inspo?

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