After my Wardrobe Workout challenge ended I knew I was desperately requiring a grey hoodie. Unsuccessfully scouring every corner of the web and every thrift-store in the neighbourhood to find the perfect one, the lovely Steph from The Inelegant Horse Rider informed me that the UK cold water surf company Finisterre had the best hoodies on the planet.

Ordering in late Spring from a UK company meant that I didn’t receive my hoodie until Summer. Not to be deterred by sub tropical heat I persistently wore my luscious organic cotton hoodie to bed for a week straight to make them most out of the situation before the humidity got unbearable. Fortunately a camping trip and a few cool nights has allowed me to don my grey beauty outside of the bedroom which makes me feel like I can rave to you about how good it is now!

Words cannot describe how delicious the brushed organic cotton is on the inside of hoodie. Even after a wash it has remained as plush as a duckling. The finish of the product is impeccable (which is something that Steph had assured me) and I believe this hoodie is quality and will be in my life for MANY years to come. Not only is the product perfect the customer service is incredible. After ordering I received a follow up email to find out how my experience with the Finisterre product was going. I was so delighted with my purchase that I sent a gushing reply and later  found out that it was circulated to the entire design and production crew at Finisterre head office.

If you are in the market for some quality organic cotton basics I can personally vouch for these ones. Unfortunately my zip through hoodie isn’t available on the website at the moment but the merino lined Boreas full zip would be similar and the Cierzo Longline is the same fabric as my hoodie.

This post was not sponsored and goods were purchased with my own hard earned cash after much research. Just thought it would be great to share a wonderful product from a thoughtful brand with you in case you are on the lookout for one. 

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