For all this who are interested in reducing plastic but are worried that the process might be a little arduous, the folk at Trolley Bags have got your back.

Born out of a desire to make the reusable more usable Trolley Bags are a system of four sturdy, reusable shopping bags that can be rolled together to be easily carried to the supermarket and hung on the back of your trolley while shopping and rolled out in your trolley at the checkout. Trolley Bags were invented by Irish entrepreneur Paul Doyle, who wanted to revolutionise the shopping experience and make it more convenient for customers. Since Paul’s brainwave Trolley Bag enthusiasts have been proudly showing off their bags in stores across Ireland and the UK.

I was approached in Plastic Free July and asked if I would like to give trolley bags a road-test. After watching video below I decided that it might a fun to try this innovative design out! Now I know what you are all thinking… ‘Katie! It’s September! Plastic Free July was MONTHS ago’. Unfortunately the Trolley Bags got lost in the mail and only arrived at my house last week. If only they could share with us their epic adventure through the Australia Post system.

First thoughts on Trolley Bags.

First and foremost it is important to address the plastic elephant in the green room. Why…oh…why do most innovative eco ideas come wrapped in plastic? As soon as I unwrapped the beautiful, and minimal, brown paper post wrapping  and saw the ‘plastic bag reduction system’ wrapped in a plastic bag my head went here (sorry if this song gets stuck in your brain for the rest of the day).  Aside from this obvious oversight by the creators, the trolley bags themselves are designed to last, made from non-woven polypropylene (which is technically a plastic but designed to be used again and again, unlike single use disposable bags) and netting they are way sturdier than the average green bag, sewn ridiculously well and easy to wash. They will last YEARS with love and care.

Why Review the Trolley Bag System?

To be totally honest I am not the target market for the Trolley Bag. These babies are designed with busy families in mind! However, despite not being a prime candidate for the Trolley Bag system I was very interested in trialling it. Quite often eco ideas seems a little left field for the average busy family. Not everyone has time to head out to farmers markets on the weekends or split their shop between a variety of bulk food stores in order to get all their items packing free. While a packaging free lifestyle is possible, it really isn’t easily obtainable for most people just yet. Innovations like Trolley Bags not only make shopping plastic bag free more accessible for busy folk who like to frequent supermarkets, they also save on time. A double win, one for the environment and one for your schedule! They are one step closer to making eco-friendly main stream and time saving and in my books this is the way the planet should be heading. Shopping with the environment in mind shouldn’t be hard work.



Test Run

I took my trolley bags to the green grocer (one place I shop that has trollies). They were easy to hang on the back of the trolley and attracted quite a bit of attention from passers by as they look pretty slick all rolled up. It became glaringly obvious as I headed around the store that I was not EVER going to be able to fill a Trolley Bag system shopping for one (the Mr. is away for work). This is a positive for big families as it means there is plenty of space to get all the bulky goodies (nappies, bulk buy toilet paper etc.) and individuals can just fill the front couple of small bags. The bags were easy to roll out at the counter and slide smoothly along the rails (this would be so much fun for kids who want to help with the shopping). My favourite part of the system is how comfortable the handles on the bags are, so much better than your average green bag and the equivalent of a hand massage in comparison to ouchie plastic bags. The bags fit easily in the boot of the car and are designed to be rolled up and put back in the car as soon as the groceries are unloaded.



Despite the fact the plastic bag reduction system comes in a plastic bag Trolley Bags are awesome! As someone who is not a conventional shopper and mostly walks or rides to her shopping destinations I have little use for a Trolley Bags system. However, these are ideal for a busy family who shops in the supermarket and wants to save on plastic, sore hands, and time. The system is fun, easy to use, and would turn any half-committed green bag user into a fully fledged Trolley Bag activist. No more hunting for gross crumpled up well worn green bags in the back of your cupboard. The trolley bag system is the green bags sexy sister. You will want to use these and show them off. You can buy Trolley Bags here if you are interested!

Thank you Trolley Bags for offering me the opportunity to try out this product. I was not paid for this review (that will NEVER happen on Sustainability in Style) but did get sent the product for free. As much as I would like to keep this sexy shopping bag system I plan to gift it to a friend who supermarket shops and has a big family. I know it will get a serious workout living with them as opposed to sitting in the boot of my rarely used car.

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