Let us live

Among the white clouds and scarlet woodlands

Singing together 

Songs of Great Peace

Waving goodbye to January I now welcome February with open arms and an optimistic view that things will be less hectic.

This month is all about ‘going with the flow’. A month long free-style posting of inspirations and musings is exactly what the Dr. ordered after a chaotic month. Sometimes the best ideas come to us when we have no expectations of how something ‘should‘ be. My gut feeling is that there will be plenty of travel photos, interviews, label loves and product reviews, but anything could happen when you allow space for growth!

The shots above are of a sunset bush walk my Dad and I took on the weekend just gone at Badgers Creek in Victoria. The hills were bustling with wildlife and the sky was scarlet. It was so peaceful and I felt I could finally breathe.

Words from Nature, Man and Woman by Alan W. Watts 

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