I’m just another clown
Kicking around in Melbourne town
Cooling out, relaxing
Watching the world go ’round

– The Cat Empire

Melbourne is my spiritual home land. At eighteen I left home in country Victoria to head to study fashion at RMIT. Melbourne and I may not always have seen eye to eye, especially in the earlier stages of my life there. But we grew together, like the two awkward gangly misfits that we are and before long I felt I could’t live without the place. Every corner has a surprise. Be it an unexpected protest march on the way to the gym, your favourite band playing for free across the road from your apartment, or as I experienced on Monday, an octopus escaping the arts centre and a troupe of mini ballerinas prancing around a lawn.

Yes, Melbourne you may not make a whole lot of sense. You are stylish, bold, grungy, trendy, gluttonous, wanky, and pretty much all-round style confused. But you got your own thing going on and that is why people from across the globe fall for your quirky charms.

Wherever I go in life Melbourne is home in my heart cause you can take the girl outta’ the city but you can’t take the city out of the girl.

This trip I spent four and a half blissful hours immersed in the beauty of the city. You can get a lot done in four and a half hours when you aren’t drawn in by the tantalising array of stores on offer. I headed to Myer to pick up new headphones (I had a voucher to spend), then walked across the city, around the botanical gardens, paid my respects at the shrine, hit up the NGV gallery (as you may have seen yesterday), munched on some AHHmazing food, then headed to my favourite illustration gallery Outre. These are my ‘express tour’ shots of the city. An experience kind of like the ‘photo jogging club‘ organised by Zooey Deschanel’s character Allison founded in the movie Yes Man.

Have you been to Melbourne? What are your favourite ‘bits’? Would love to hear about them below.

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