When you begin blogging kind people from across the world want to offer you goodies to try out and write about on your blog. As someone who has been trying to be more mindful about the amount of items I bring into my home I often opt to do a giveaway collaboration with brands when offerered product so that my lovely readers can experience the excitement of owning a fair trade, ethical, and/or sustainable item for themselves. However, there are times when I have to say yes to a gift (but NEVER yes to paid promotions it’s all honest and ethical here on Sustainability in Style). This beautiful top from Mitla Moda was one such item. It has been no secret over my year and a half of blogging that Dusana from Mitla Moda has become one of my nearest and dearest e-freinds. I love what she does to support economic development in artisan communities and preserve traditional artisan techniques through ethically made and fairly traded clothing, accessories, and jewellery.

Dusana fell in love with the artisan traditions in Mexico while living in the beautiful country for ten months on a Fulbright grant. With a passion for social justice and sustainable fashion, she enrolled in an entrepreneurship class at a Mexican university during her time in Mexico, creating the business plan for Mitla Moda. Through her market research, Dusana saw a gap in a platform that offered traditional yet stylish artisan apparel in a manner that also benefited the artisan communities that craft each item. With a BA in Spanish and a BS in Marketing, Dusana decided to create the platform herself – a shop centered around fair trade and ethical manufacturing.

The chickadee top in teal and blue that I am wearing for my weekend adventure is fair trade, hand woven on a loom, hand embroidered, supports traditional artisan crafts in Oaxaca and creates employment in one of the poorest states of Mexico. It arrived in the mail a week ago and since then I have lived in it, telling everyone I meet about it’s back story (sorry friends and acquaintances for putting you through my enthusiastic eco fashion blabbing). Not only is it super comfy, it goes with everything from shorts to jeans and leggings and transitions from casual daywear to night time with the right accessories. It will be a well loved item in my closet for many years to come!

I figured as I have literally been living in it all week, why not show you how I have lived in it on the weekend when my personal photographer/ kindhearted husband is around to take photos. This weekend adventure fitted in perfectly with the Nourish theme of being a ‘tourist in your own backyard’. So far, this weekend has been all about catching up with friends, gardening, grocery shopping, cleaning, and heading out for beach adventures. We have the most blissful winter days here on the Sunshine Coast so even though the nights are cool, you end up in shorts and a t-shirt by midday. The beach images above were taken at North Shore beach where the river meets the ocean. It is a favourite haunt for dog-appreciating locals as you can allow your dogs to run off-leash in the ocean. My little garden bed was levelled out by Ged and I last week so it now runs horizontal to the house instead of winding it’s way up a hill. As my cacti all got too big for pots I have been enjoying slowly filling this garden bed with my arid plants. Can’t wait to see the end result! However, as any gardener would know, planting takes time and money. So it may be a little while yet before sharing the final results.

Hope that you are enjoying a blissful weekend where you are in the world. Feel free to share your adventures with us below.

Happy 4th of July for my American friends!

Lots of Love from the Sunshine Coast.


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