Do you know what a care label is?

Do you know where to find it on your clothing? If the answer to both of these questions is yes then good for you! The next question might be a little harder. Do you know what the heck the care label is actually saying about how to look after your clothing? No worries if you don’t- care labels often are written in a whole other language of weird hieroglyphics. Way back in 2003 when I was studying my fashion qualifications at RMIT University we had an entire course in care labels. This course taught us the correct location for the labels in the garments (usually on the inside left of your shirts and dressed while you are wearing them or centre back), what you are legally required as a manufacturer to share on them, and the global language of care label symbols. It all sound pretty complex doesn’t it?

Lucky for you there is an app that’s taking all the hassle out of understanding how to care for your garments. Washguide promotes better garment care (and costs less than a coffee), but doesn’t require you to undertake an entire course in care label reading. The app explains what wash symbols mean and also allows you to save your wash tags. The rational behind this is that often wash tags are itchy, uncomfortable, or make ugly or visible shapes while you are wearing your garment. Which means we end up cutting them off and can never quite remember how we are supposed to care for the item. Washguide also think that your clothes deserve to look the best and be cared for correctly without costing the Earth, which is why they are in the process of developing sustainable washing advice. Seems like an app to keep an eye on for all the sustainable and ethical fashionistas out there!


Are you the kind of person who cuts off care labels? Ever washed anything wrong with disastrous results? Perhaps you have used this app and want to tell us about it? Sharing is caring! Spill all below.