We (as in Sebastian and I) finally got around to making a new and improved compost bin. It was hot work due to the weather but fortunately it was not very hard work. Nevertheless there was some serious sweat put into this project standing around in the sun and humidity layering the compost ‘cake’.

My (usually) magic garage full of useful junk failed me as far as compost bins were concerned with all the chicken wire and star pickets in use, one pallet short of a complete set to construct a square compost bin, and there wasn’t a vessel big enough to suit my composting needs. A trip to the recycle market soon saw me lugging home a three dollar plastic garbage bin. Wearing my very best safety shoes (naughty me) I sawed the bottom off the bin, flipped it upside down and used the instructions from this video to start layering my compost. The location we selected gets hot sun all day long, perfect for breaking all the kitchen scraps down.

For my drainage layer I utilised the annoying palm fronds that fall off my neighbours palms into my yard. After the furry site manager inspected my work and gave me the go ahead to continue I poured in my pineapple scraps, mango skins, and other kitchen goodies as my ‘green’ layer. For my brown layer I threw in my brown paper bags that I purchase my bulk buy goods in. I ‘recycle’ these by lining my kitchen scraps bin with them.

We have a serious weed problem at home (as you can see in the pictures) and don’t want to use sprays so we manually remove them, soak them in a bucket for a few days then leave them to dry out. This dry weedy matter was a great cover up ‘brown’ layer for the compost bin. Give it all a hose down and aerate, add some activators (I usually use garden lime because I have some handy) and then your on your way to composted soil heaven. The bin doesn’t need a lid but to keep the sneaky dog from poking his nose in I sat a plank of wood across the top, put the sawn off ‘lid’ back on and a paver on the top. He isn’t too curious but does like to poke pot plants with his nose so the bin might of ended up with a dog head in it but after the initial inspection he seemed far more interested in hiding around corners and running out to scare me. By the end of it all he was pretty blissed out on the composting adventure as you can see by his big dopey grin.

Day 20’s waste was all cardboard which can be composted! I must get better at removing my toilet rolls from the bathroom, they tend to accumulate there. Still unsure about the receipts but I will admit that I usually compost them. Will make a reminder for myself to look into that a little further as I am sure there are other people who would like to know the answer.

For those of you following the challenge at home, how did you go finding a DIY eco idea you would like to follow up on? Perhaps it was a compost system? Try to find a little time to make some positive steps toward getting your project started. After much hot weather related procrastination I was personally surprised how easy it was to set up a new compost bin. Done and dusted in under ten minutes!




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