Takeaway food.

How we love your convenience after a long hard day at work. Pre cooked and pre packaged it is as easy as opening your mouth to chew. In some cases you need not even bother chewing (thank you juice bars for saving us the hassle).

After this ode to the convenience of takeaway let’s get seriously environmental. Takeaway food usually comes packaged, this is something we all expect for two reasons, one being that most folk don’t like their takeaway burrito handled my the cashier and stuck in their sweaty palm sans wrapper, and secondly it isn’t particularly convenient to be handed an unwrapped burrito. Salsa dripping down your forearm into your handbag isn’t an idea lunch break situation.

What is the best solution for eco folk who were just too darn busy saving the world to make their lunch?

Well the answer is simple. Ask questions.

You may feel like a complete idiot when the cashier at the takeaway food store is trying to understand why you want your sushi in a paper bag rather than a nice plastic tub, or why you insist on having soy sauce from a bottle instead of a cute plastic fish, but the embarrassment is short lived the plastic isn’t. Once you find places that will either cater to your eco needs and give you your lunch in a paper bag without a knife and fork, or find places (like I did for a sneaky take-away) that only use biodegradable or recyclable containers, you will no longer have to suffer through the strange looks. My bio containers went straight into the compost bin at home, no landfill required.

It seems like an insignificant thing to worry about but shopping centres really don’t have the best waste disposal facilities. Even the ones that offer recycling don’t monitor the situation very closely. My observations have found that every third person walking past a recycling and regular bin will use whatever is closet and not read the signs. Meaning high contamination rates in recycling. This isn’t really the customers fault, shopping centres are built to stimulate the senses. Very few people out on a shopping expedition go to admire the waste management facilities. Who wants to read a bin when there are pretty things to look at and touch?

My carrots have ran out for the month. They were the naughty pre-packaged and much cheaper variety. Why must the loose produce cost so much more than the packed (won’t go into that complaint again tonight)? Frozen spinach from Aldi is fabulous as the boxes don’t have annoying plastic lining. You literally get cubes of frozen spinach in a cardboard box. It is rare to see anything nowadays that doesn’t come in plastic wrap in addition to the box. Let’s not let Aldi in on this fact or they might start wrapping their handy-dandy spinach in extra protective layers.

Anyways I am off to bed as it is VERY much the morning now. I have been up sewing and waiting for my Mr. to come home from an overseas work trip. My sewing adventure is an upcyling project inspired by Spell Designs. Look forward to sharing it with you when I can take some better photos of it (it’s all a bit dark now).

For those following at home I would love to hear about any takeaway food or packaged good revelations or discoveries you may have had? Perhaps its as easy as finding a baker who will put your bread in a paper bag in stead of plastic. Sharing success is great fun!








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