Hi folks!

Sorry to have gone missing on the home stretch of the waste weigh up challenge. There have been a few changes afoot and the last few days have  required some soul searching. After much deliberation I am throwing caution to the wind and heading back to study my masters in sustainability education full time at the beginning of next year.


I am so excited.

This has been part of my plan for some time now but grappling with how I would manage to fit it in with work has been tricky and study is such a financial commitment that it should never be taken lightly.

Science is a fickle beast as it is mostly all funding based. As soon as your funding runs out your job is on the line. Unless you are incredibly passionate about what you do, like so many of the wonderful scientists I know in my current line of work, it really is a tough gig trying to find the motivation to keep going when funding dries up. With the projects I have been managing and assisting about to run their due course the thought of having to go back to retail to fill in the time before the next grant really doesn’t appeal to me having just purged the ‘uniforms’ of retail jobs past from my closet. I do love ‘straight’ science but my calling has never been in serious lab coat wearing situations. While I can (and do) happily work in the traditional science lab-coat kind of scenario it doesn’t make my heart sing .

The thought of getting up every single day for the rest of my life and passionately educating people about the environment and sustainability would make each and every day better than the one before it. This is how I know I am making the right decision. Even if the possibility of finding a career in Sustainability Education is even less likely than keeping steady science research position.

Haven’t worked out the finer details of how my two years of masters will pan out but there is a great sense of relief and so much excitement in following my dreams. It also means there will be plenty of sustainability related things to discuss for years to come. I am also hoping that you all might be interested in participating in my masters research project. But more on that later (it is a long way off yet).

I can honestly say that soul searching didn’t actually involve much waste stream analysis. While nothing got thrown away, I have no idea what day anything was from, and there may actually have been one more block of chocolate consumed (I try to live sugar free but when faced with unemployment chocolate is required).

On the plus side I did manage to start a week of DIY!

You may have seen yesterdays Earring Stand project, using an up cycled embroidery hoop and some biodegradable garden hessian, today is all about turning the stuff meant for landfill into something useful  (but probably not quite as pretty as the earring stand). Keep watch for the next DIY post very soon.

Please accept my sincerest apologies regarding my tardiness and know that there is so much more coming in our sustainable futures. Looking forward to sharing my revelations with you next year as my course begins.

I also promise to update my Facebook page… I am honestly the worlds most useless ‘Facebooker’ (which is why I closed my personal one, people kept wondering if I was still alive).

Enough ‘I’ for this evening, the soul searching is complete and there is a DIY post to be written.

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