Have you ever stood on the beach marvelling at the beauty of the ocean, wondering what exists out there beyond the reaches of land?

I know I have considered the possibility of great unexplored territory with giant squid and octopus large enough to take down a boat (yes, I was reading twenty thousand leagues under the sea at the time this thought occurred).

What I never considered was that rather than being greeted with squid or mer-folk, that the ocean may just be a toxic soup of plastic particles.

This documentary (on youtube in three parts) looks at the North Pacific Gyre, a swirling vortex of current which once was a nutrient rich feeding ground for marine life,  but has since been renamed ‘Garbage Island, or the ‘Eastern Garbage Patch’. Rather than transporting nutrient rich waters from across the globe, the North Pacific Gyre, now acts as dump site for the worlds flotsam and jetsam plastic castaways.

The hosts are ‘colourful’,  (meaning there is a language warning) the filming is basic, and the program has a very ‘real life’  feel as it isn’t heavily edited. However the rawness creates a fantastic ‘un-sensationalised’ look at the effects that our disposable society (that means plastic shopping bags, hangers, plastic clothing tickets, and synthetic garments) is having on the planet.

In this case the damage caused to the environment is irreversible.

Let me know what you thought about it below!

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