Ok… I must admit. I love Michael Mosley and his presentation style.

So I could be a tad bias in saying this is one of the best diet based sustainability videos I have seen. Unlike my bias views toward this documentary, the doco itself approaches meat consumption in a totally unbiased manner. Which in this day and age of ‘bandwagons’ makes for a refreshing change in viewing. ‘The Truth About Meat’ tackles the suitability issues associated with the way we eat in a very methodical manner looking at it from a purely statistical standpoint, then it begins to layer on ethical, environmental and health factors allowing viewers to make their own decisions on how they will continue to  consume.

This approach to a very touchy topic allows everyone from vegans to extreme carnivores to take something away from the viewing without feeling a serious case of the guilts or feeling a push in a specific direction.

Being a documentary about the meat industry it really isn’t an easy watch. The facts, statistics, and one particular livestock experiment made this a much more difficult watch for me than the pivotal (but very emotive rather than factual) film Earthlings.  There isn’t the blood and gore you see in other films about meat but the facts you find out about meat consumption will shock and awe you just the same.

Whether you identify as a carnivore, omnivore or a herbivore I highly recommend watching this one to you all!

The Truth About Meat is currently available to watch at SBS on Demand.

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