Thinking a little outside the plastic pot this afternoon.

Having noticed that my jade bush cutting was getting a little out of control in the glass jar full of water that I had it in I decided to pot it up. Without a pretty pot in sight (they are all full up at the moment) I challenged myself to make something from my waste.

In order to make a planter with a little bit of space for root growth (they were so long already)  I dug a long coconut water tetra juice pack from my recycling and cut the top off it. Knowing too well that these little bits of tetra pack my get lost in recycling facility I stuffed them inside another tetra pack so they won’t end up floating away to landfill. After punching some holes in the bottom of the pack I had a pot for my plant. I don’t know about you, but a dodgy coconut water container really doesn’t cut the mustard as far as decorating goes. Sure it is functional but it doesn’t really fit the theme of ‘Sustainability in Style’  it is just straight up sustainability, no style.

Having dug a little deeper I up-cycled a  parcel post bag (it had been inside out in the photos to protect my secret identity he he). The beautiful green worked perfectly to hide the coconut water container by simply slipping the bag over the tetra pack and securing it with some cooking twine. Cutting a hole in the bottom of the bag allows for drainage when the plant is watered. I tucked the rest of the bag inside the pot as there was a little overhang and once the soil is in the pot then the bag is secured on the inside fulling hiding the fact that this ‘pot’ was originally a coconut water container.

Overall I was happy with my ‘free’ planter. I just hope that my jade bush likes it to!

The tea cups photographed were collected from the recycle markets some time ago. Making tea cups into planters is a little trickier as it requires power tools and the correct drill bit for drainage holes. If you don’t want to drill holes in your teacup (the christmas 1978 cup hasn’t been drilled through) you can follow the steps on this terrarium post to create a tea cup planter without the use of power tools.

Sorry the posts have been a little slow for the waste weigh up challenge. The science projects I am currently working on have nearly run their course as far as funding is concerned so I am busily trying to find an employment option that won’t see me resorting to fast fashion retail for the Christmas period. It took a full 365 days of not shopping to reclaim my closet back from the last  stint in fashion retail and I am not wanting to go back there again. For those of you who aren’t aware, many (as in pretty-much-all-of-them) of the chain stores in Australia make their staff purchase current season on-floor stock to wear to work. As fast fashion retail is fast, this saw me purchasing at least one outfit a week to meet store policy of wearing ‘on floor’ stock. Heres hoping I don’t end up back there again or I might have to take yet another year off shopping when I am done.

Headed to another graphic design exhibition last night and had a couple of beers. Unfortunately I didn’t have a reasonable sized bag to put my bottles in so they were taken away by the event staff . The bottles above are ‘stand in’ bottles that were already in my recycling. Today I grabbed a juice at a fabulous local cafe who make AMAZING mango soothes while running around doing errands. Silly me forgot to ask for no straw which was a dumb move as I carry a reusable one regularly. If you haven’t seen them already, you can now buy aluminium straws. It may seem a bit crazy to carry around a metal straw but I find it fits nicely into a water bottle (a 375ml VOSS water bottle is perfect and you can keep reusing them if you aren’t too worried about the plastic lid) which makes carrying it quite effortless. Not to sound like a big girl or anything, but a straw in your water bottle is great for those times you venture out wearing lipstick, as it saves your lipstick ruining and your bottle from being ruined by lipstick. Now the big thing for me is remembering to tell cafe staff that I don’t want a disposable straw.

Tomorrow I plan to make a compost heap, so heres hoping it happens! We have been experiencing quite horrendous heat wave here and water has been scarce. Yard work and gardening has been put on the back burner for a little while as the amount of water required to keep my sad veggies alive hasn’t really been worth the effort. Next planting I will be using some of the water saving planting methods that Roman from Spurtopia introduced me to at the Eco Challenge Festival.

Fingers  crossed it isn’t too ridiculously hot tomorrow to get out into the yard and get started on the compost upgrade!

For those following at home perhaps you would might like to pick a weekend eco project. If you aren’t up for composting I highly recommend checking out the Spurtopia website for some really simple up cycling, recycling and waste reduction projects.   




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