Welcome the New Year in Sustainable Style

New Years is a great opportunity to stop, take stock, reflect, and learn from the year passed. It also provides the chance to plan ahead for the year that’s coming. Each New Year I like to take some time out to mindfully journal.

I’ve provided a free download that you can use to reflect on 2019 and start to think about framing your Sustainable Self for 2020. The 2019 reflections are easy to follow. There are also 2020 sustainable goal setting options based on the three pillars of sustainability. These might be a bit tricker to fill in so here’s some examples.

An example of a social issue that might ignite passion would be sex trafficking. Actions you might take could include: researching  the social issue, spreading word about the impacts, purchasing from brands that employ people rescued from sex trafficking and participating in Dressember. An environmental issue at the forefront of our minds here in Australia is drought. Action examples for this enviro issue could be: learning more about climate change, researching ways to save water, installing a grey water recycling system in your home, airing your clothes rather than washing, and/or lobbying government to take action on climate change. Economic areas of interest could be equality through the fashion supply chain. Action steps could include learning more about fashion supply chains, identifying brands that you love that pay workers well, sharing your findings, being proactive in the online community, and/or participating in workshops and events near you.

From Sustainability in Style HQ, Sebastian, Ged and I wish you a safe, happy, and healthy 2020. 

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