Feast Your Eyes and Minds on These Reads. 

Here are a few reads I’ve been enjoying of late.

The Universe Listens to Brave by Rebecca Ray.   This book is a great boost for anyone who is going through a bit of a transition at the moment (which is sort of all of use really). Ideal for those who are about to leap into a new stage of life.    I’ve been referring to this read over the last few months as I moved through the pandemic while juggling my sudden hearing loss, changes in work and the decision to close the bricks and mortar Mindful Living HQ.  

The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron     We are currently nine weeks into this course of discovering and recovering our creative selves in Sustainability in Style’s Read Online Book Club. It’s the second time I’ve undertaken this journey and I believe this type of radical creative discovery is essential for inspiring creative solutions to our wicked sustainability problems.   Those yearning to make big waves in the world but are feeling stuck or blocked this could be a life-changing journey for you.    

Rise & Resist by Clare Press    If there was a book to read during these changeable times it would be Rise & Resist. This read is packed full of good news about people making real change in the world.   This read is for those seeking inspiration for the new tomorrow that we are shaping following the COVID-19 global upheaval.    

Junkyard Planet by Adam Minter, Is a read from the Sustainability in Style post archives that is still a thought provoking look (despite some of the stats being a little outdated) at how we can rethink waste and see value in recycling. This read is a good one to get the cognitive gears cranking to remake our economic systems post COVID-19 crisis. You can read more about it here.    

What have you been reading?

Care to share below? 

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