Who run the World? Girls!

You may have heard that yesterday was International Women’s Day. Unfortunately for the readers of Sustainability in Style I’m currently operating on a two-to-three day time lag due to the time zapped by some return-to-masters-study admin issues. So until early next week Sustainability in Style might be committed to reporting all the important issues that are happening in World media, three days after they have happened. Oops…. He he he. Better late than never! Let’s call it the ‘slow news phenomena’ from here on out because it sounds like a more acceptable trend than me not really having my shit together. 🙂

My plan to celebrate women is to introduce you to some of the lovely ‘faces of change’ ladies for the Give a Fork campaign. Being on a time delay has meant that the Give A Fork folks actually got in before I did with this idea but I figure why not celebrate them all over again because women who give a fork about the environment should be celebrated every single day. Not just once a year!

The following are a collection of beautiful eco souls that I thought you might be interested in following up. There are loads more on the Give a Fork ambassador page but these jumped out as people who might appeal to the Sustainability in Style readership. Fab folks whose knowledge has been hand selected for your reading pleasure. Enjoy yourself and celebrate the feminine!




Tammy Logan.

Tammy Logan is the zero waste hero behind Gippsland Unwrapped a blog committed to the the pursuit of plastic free, zero waste living. Based in rural Gippsland Tammy combines her training as a conservation biologist with her dairy farming roots, to deliver a humble and honest approach to plastic and waste free family life. For Tammy the switch to deeper passion and understanding of ethical and environmentally purchasing decisions came about by participating in the Plastic Free July challenge. Since then she has been a woman on a waste reduction mission who loves to share her findings with the World! She is proof that participating in a seemingly small education scheme can have a big impact on your personal empowerment towards sustainable living. The Give a Fork Challenge might just be the catalyst you need for Sustainability empowerment!

Blog posts to check out: 


Anna Allbury

Anyone who has checked out Anna Allbury’s blog My Hippie Kitchen would likely agree to have her move in as their personal chef in a heartbeat. Her edible terrariums, vegan eggs, and edible bouquets are a pleasure for the eyes and the tastebuds. The Melbourne based food artist (and TV writer) is putting a new spin on healthy, sustainable food by encouraging us to think about what we eat and it’s impact on our bodies and the planet. While one might assume Anna has all kinds of fancy food related qualifications she is in fact totally self taught and believes that to be a foodie:

“All you need is a good idea, a little bit of courage, and a little bit of crazy to throw caution into the wind and give it a go! That’s how all of my dishes have come to life.”

Posts to check out (stuff for vegans and omnivores alike):

Erin Rhoads

Erin Rhoads, aka The Rogue Ginger is a zero-waste-super-gal that you may recognise from previous posts on Sustainability in Style. Erin can fit her 18 months of rubbish into a single jar and for this reason alone she is worth celebrating over and over. On top of this incredible personal waste reduction effort she also provides loads of Sustainable living tips for us to learn from while working as an environmental advocate to have the plastic bag banned. The Rogue Ginger aims to inspire and help people live a plastic free and zero waste life. From her home in Melbourne, Erin blogs on useful tips and alternatives on cleaning, cooking, fashion, shopping, and travel – with a focus on sustainability and living green.

Blog posts to check out:


Some Thoughts on Gal Power!

While international womens day is the celebration of females and a day to highlight gender inequality it is also the celebration of feminine energy and on a planet that has been dominated by the raw masculine power of aggressive growth, it’s about time we started to embrace the more subtle nurturing energies of our feminine side. Masculine and feminine resides in us all! It’s not exclusive to females to nurture and care as men do this too, and women can be just as fiery and aggressive as men when they harness their masculine energies. So international Women’s day should be considered, from an environmental viewpoint, as the celebration and awakening of the nurturing qualities in all beings. If we all loved and cared for one-another and our planet in the way a mother would care for her baby then the World would be a much more balanced place to live.

Don’t forget that you have the power to make massive environmental changes from the comfort of your own home. If you need assistance with some sustainable living prompts then the team at Give a Fork are here to help. By signing up to the Give a Fork challenge you can have eco-lifestyle tips and delicious e-recipe books delivered to your inbox. The best bit is that while you are learning to live a more #grexy (that’s a green and sexy) lifestyle you are also supporting the work of Sustainable Table, a group who work their little butts off to bring us wonderful Sustainable living education plans.

Do you have a favourite eco-lady? One that inspires you to be a better person. Perhaps it’s yourself or a family member? Please share the gal-love below.

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