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Sustainability in Style is a venture based on and committed to the sharing of information and sustainability education research. It should come as no surprise that workshops play a key role in sharing the Sustainability in Style message of values and action based learning outcomes designed to empower you as a force for sustainable good.


The goal of workshop participation is to have you leave feeling great about yourself, and confident that you can make changes in your life that will work for you, others, and the planet. We live in an overwhelming time, with news and media reaching us all day every day through our devices.

It can be easy to become overwhelmed by all the messages, especially when many of them are of the ‘doom’ and ‘gloom’ variety. It’s hoped that by attending workshops hosted through Sustainability in Style, you can learn how to break down the big-picture concerns and find small and achievable steps that make taking sustainable action accessible, exciting, and easy.

  • Empowerment 100% 100%
  • Values Clarification 100% 100%
  • Accessibility 100% 100%
  • Overwhelm 0% 0%

Workshop Overviews

Learn and Share

The following are overviews of the workshops available through Sustainability in Style.

Conscious Consumption

An adult learning event that aims to inspire the participants to make more mindful choices when consuming fashion items. It is based around the drawcard Green Couture Clothing Swap activity that provides participants with a fun way to recycle fashion and update their closet contents. Despite being advertised as a sustainable fashion shopping alternative, when run in isolation clothing swaps provide little opportunity for the discussion of sustainability issues surrounding the fashion industry (which for the purposes of this event include textiles, clothing, footwear, and accessories). This workshop has taken the idea of traditional clothing swap a step further by developing a set of fun activities that aim to provide the participants with a basic understanding of how the current Fast Fashion system operates from social, political, environmental, and economic perspectives. It also provides them with some basic tools to aid in making conscious consumption choices based on their personal values. 
Conscious Consumption: The Green Couture Swap Event
The Conscious Consumption workshop is not about enforcing one set way to consume fashion items, as there really is no ‘one set way’ and no matter how considered a purchase is, it will have some form of environmental impact. The workshop is about encouraging critical thinking and reflective thought processes to aid in making better decisions. Participants will be guided through a series of group and individual activities in the lead up to the swap, that will provide them with a basic understanding of the production process and the four key areas of sustainability (which for the purposes of this workshop are social, political, environmental, and economic) and lead them to a basic takeaway concept as to what they value as a consumer.

There are five learning objectives for the workshop that are outlined below. These objectives have been developed with a specific focus on the fashion industry using the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization’s (UNESCO) Teaching and Leaning for a Sustainable Future as a reference. To further enhance the effectiveness of delivery of the learning objectives the activities are based around the education for sustainability framework  of:  

  • imagining a better future, 
  • engaging in critical thinking and reflection, 
  • participation in decision making, 
  • understanding partnerships, 
  • and systems thinking. 

Learning outcomes for this workshop are:


Workshop activities include:

  • Activity 1: Welcome to the True Cost of Fashion. Introduction to the event that will give the workshop participants a quick overview of the issues of the fashion industry through a short video trailer and an open brainstorming session regarding sustainability and the fashion industry.
  • Activity 2: Bingo for the Stylish. A ten to fifteen minute ice breaker activity that aims to start workshop participants thinking about personal consumption habits and open the lines of communication.
  • Activity 3: Fashion Made Fast. This group role play activity is designed to get participants thinking systematically and critically about the complexity of sustainability and in the fast fashion industry through analysis of the supply chain partnerships.
  • Activity 4: Values Identification This short reflective activity will begin with a video about values and an individual worksheet to assist participants in identifying personal consumption values that make them happy, positive and mindful consumers.
  • Activity 5: Green Couture Clothing Swap The Green Couture Clothing Swap is an opportunity for workshop participants to have some fun while engaging in a recycled clothing ‘shopping’ event. This event is designed to be fun and will allow the participants time for informal discussion and reflection.
  • Activity 6: How To Care About What You Wear About. Following the fun of the swap this activity is designed to have participants critically think about the items they have selected and reflect on values to determine if they have made a good consumption decision during the swap.
  • Activity 7: Media Made Me Do It! An activity designed to give the participants an opportunity to explore some of the tools that marketing and advertising use to sway their decision-making.
  • Activity 8: Gift Wrapping It All Up. This time is allocated for a workshop conclusion and a wrap-up of individual ideas via a take-home mindful shopping plan for each participant.

Look & Feel Great In Sustainable Style.

The Look & Feel Great in Sustainable Style workshop series is made of three face-to-face workshops. These workshops can be run in isolation or as a trilogy. Each workshop provides the participant with a workbook developed using Sustainability Education learning principles.  These workshop booklets are part of a consumer empowerment process designed to have the participants take home the messages they have learned feeling confident they can put them into practice in their day-to-day lives with ease and awareness.  


Learn to Shop in Sustainable Style
Shopping is something most of us find pretty easy to do. Shopping with people and planet in mind is a little bit trickier! Fortunately the Learn to Shop in Sustainable Styleworkshop is here to help demystify the world of sustainable fashion and have you navigating the shopping landscape like a professional.

Over the last couple of decades our fashion supply chains have evolved from releasing four seasons a year to new items being dropping in store every week thanks to cheap offshore manufacturing, and improvements in global communication and trade.  Low prices and an abundance of fashion items have changed our purchasing patterns from love-it-forever to cheap, cheerful and disposable.

The Learn to Shop in Sustainable Style Workshop is a two-hour exploration of how you can use your dollar to vote for the Sustainably Stylish world you want to live in. Don’t fret; the workshop won’t bombard you with guilt inducing statistics! The goal of this workshop is to harness your personal values, translate them to shopping motivators, and have you leave the space feeling empowered to work with what you already own, take away alternate shopping tips and learn how to purchase mindfully within your own budget.

We understand that everyone is different and that sustainability is a complex and multifaceted issue. There is no one set way to be sustainable and we will honour your unique contribution to the world by tailoring a shopping plan to suit who you are.

Organise Your Closet In Sustainable Style
Whether you have a clothing rail, a walk in robe that would make Carrie-Bradshaw green with envy, or a humble but workable floordrobe, the Organise Your Closet in Sustainable Styleworkshop will have take-home messages for you.

Whether you are aware or not, your interactions with your closet can tell you a lot about how you are feeling, impact on your bank balance, and even take hours away from your weekly schedule.

The relationship we have with our clothing is one of the most intimate of any inanimate object- our clothing literally hugs and supports us all day every day. While we can always find ways to justify buying new items, we don’t often allow ourselves the opportunity to spend time or money on considering the ecosystem that is our closets (in all their forms)

The Organise Your Closet in Sustainable StyleWorkshop is a one and a half hour exploration that uses science principles and academic research to help you get a better idea about the way you interact with your closet.

In this workshop you will learn to reflect mindfully on your personal style, shopping habits, and lifestyle to better understand the way that your closet serves your life and how you love, care for, and organise it.

You will leave the workshop with a workbook full of mindful considerations from the event along with resources to explore at home in your own time. The goal of the event is to have you understating your closets natural ecosystem in a way that’s true to you and workable for your lifestyle.

Style Yourself Sustainable
Have you ever looked in the reflection or at an image of yourself and recoiled with a ‘THAT OUTFIT… what was I thinking’ reaction?

Consciously considered or not, what we wear on the outside tells the world a little about who we are on the inside.

When we experience disconnect between who we are and what we want to express, it can result in a visual miscommunication. This disconnect can leave you feeling style-confused, and might change the way that others interact with you or how you feel about yourself.

The Style Yourself SustainableWorkshop is a one and a half hour exploration that uses science principles and academic research to help you get a better idea about the visual communication medium of fashion.

We look introspectively to consider what it is that we want to say, and then explore the ways that we can use clothing and accessories to punctuate our message in way that’s positive for people and planet.

You will leave the workshop with a workbook full of mindful considerations from the event along with resources to explore at home in your own time. The goal of the event is to have you feeling great about yourself so that you can pursue your daily life shining a bright light on the world in Sustainable Style.

About the Host

Katie Roberts

Your workshop host is Katie Roberts. Katie is an avid creator of material that aims to educate and inspire people to love, care for, and explore the world around them. Originally from Victoria, she has been living on the Sunshine Coast for more than a decade currently co-habiting with her partner Ged and fur-baby Sebastian. She enjoys sharing her local landscape, lifestyle, and sustainability learnings through online platforms. Katie went from studies and a career in the fashion industry to Environmental Science with a sustainability major and a side serving of yoga teacher training. She now pursuing her passion for sustainability in post grad research into sustainability education through e-platforms.

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