You Say You Want an Eco Revolution?   

Well, you know, it starts with sustainable self and self-responsibility.

Understanding what sustainability means to you and taking self-responsibility to create a realistic eco-living action plan isn’t as challenging as it seems. Let’s talk now about how you can get the right tools to carve time out for strategic planning.

If you are confused by sustainability, then you aren’t alone! Sustainability has been hijacked as a marketing buzz word which has diluted its meaning. For our purposes we will take sustainability back to the key ideal of being able to ‘sustain’ something moving forwards. Many well-meaning sustainability efforts fall short. Aiming for a solar powered home is not a realistic goal if you can’t economically afford it yet. Just as buying a home-gardening set up isn’t a responsible move if your home environment is a studio apartment with no direct sunlight and you are a socially active person with no time to look after it. Well-meaning gestures like this, often fall short of our expectations. Usually because we haven’t taken stock of the scale of our ideas, the scope of their impact on our day to day life, and what it might mean to our resolve, if these ideas were to fall short of our expectations or not eventuate.

This article is a special collaboration between Sustainability in Style and Holistic Bliss Magazine. You can continue reading by clicking here.  

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